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We believe in remote work because it's about giving people choices. And a flexible workforce is foundational to building a team that is both diverse and inclusive.
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Haayaa our story

Who we are?

Our story began in 2018 when we took a look at the African social marketplace and found a huge need to be met. A need that every business has, and that is selling their products and services faster and more efficiently. And so, in a bid to meet this specific need, Haayaa was created.

The team behind Haayaa has worked tirelessly to create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact, transact, and connect on a personal level. On our platform, business owners can enjoy maximum engagement from other users.

While our initial focus was to help the owners of businesses in Nigeria, our users are not limited to selling only within the borders of Nigeria. Businesses can easily sell to customers from all over the world while maintaining a conducive, inclusive, and mutually lucrative environment.
Haayaa is more than a marketplace — It is a community!

Our Values

We live by the following values that guide how we want our culture and products to impact anyone who interacts with Haayaa.


Trust is at the foundation of our business. With that in mind, we continually strive to be consistent, reliable, and straightforward.


We operate by communicating honestly and openly about everything we have accomplished and are set to accomplish.


We see you, we hear you, and we understand your need for market expansion, prompting us to create a platform that answers your business needs.

Easy & Simple

We want everyone carried along which is why Haayaa is user-friendly, convenient, and simply straightforward.


Download the Haayaa logo and other assets for use on your website, in your store window, or for other marketing materials.


Here at Haayaa, our main goal is to impact businesses of all sizes by creating a community that fosters mutual growth, lucrative relationships, and sales expansion.

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