Why do businesses of all type love Haayaa?

With Haayaa, every business can tap directly into the community on the internet and turn each post into a sales opportunity.
Haayaa our story

Access to proper user engagement

Go beyond posting or showcasing your products and services, and have real customers review, advertise, and promote your business.

Start selling instantly

With the right contacts, you can start making sales immediately after signing up. Invite your customers to haayaa and resume business on a more efficient scale.

Manage orders on mobile

Run your business directly from your mobile phone. With a few clicks, you can process your orders and receive payments wherever you are.

Sell to customers anywhere in the world

You can go from selling locally to having a worldwide customer base. Offer your products and services, not just in the local market, but in the global marketplace.

Businesses that can use Haayaa.

Haayaa is built for everyone! If you want to sell products or offer professional services.

Here is how Haayaa can help your business.

Order Management

Find all orders for your business in one place for easy identification, organization, and processing.

Direct Engagement

Users can engage with your products and services by reviewing your business and interacting with your listings.

Realtime Messaging

Get instant notification when customers send messages to you.