Here at haayaa
we look small, but think big!

If you believe in the power of commerce and super passionate about commerce, then we will be needing your help.

Haayaa culture and people

Our values

Haayaa is focused on building a community where people can expand their businesses while building and maintaining meaningful relationships in the process. And even more so, we yearn to build a workforce that will see our dreams come through while enjoying a beneficial work environment

Growth mindset.

As the world evolves, we will constantly evolve with it. Our community is structured to embrace growth, so as the online marketplace changes, our users are well equipped to adapt and maintain excellence.

Dream big.

Everyone deserves a chance at success. Hence, Haayaa gives everybody an equal opportunity to hit it big.


At Haayaa, we understand that the basic need of all businesses is to grow. Which is why we bore the responsibility of helping businesses thrive as effortlessly as possible.

Live your best life

In addition to a competitive salary, here are a few resources we offer to help our team excel.

Work-life balance

When you work with us, you will have a flexible work schedule leaving you with enough time to have a life.


We don't take your work for granted. As a team, we celebrate and recognize your successes as one of us.

Career development

We want you to be better and with our learning program, your career path only gets better.

Staying healthy

A global wellness programme and private health insurance. We support your wellbeing.

Security for the future

With good employee benefits, you can adequately plan for a future for yourself and family.

Giving back

Serve the community when the team reaches out to the needy monetarily and in acts of service.

Current opportunities

Come join the team!