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Haayaa is a social marketplace where users can quickly sell their products and offer their services to their direct contacts and other users.
Haayaa helps business owners bring all their customers to one place and allows them to gain new customers when users recommend, review, and promote their products or services.
Using Haayaa is always free. There are no registration fees required to start selling on haayaa.
Everyone can use Haayaa. So whether you have a business or not, you can be a part of the Haayaa community and enjoy all the benefits of being a user.
You can review any business on the app. Click on the “tap to add something” from the home page, then click on the “Review Business” option from the modal that pops up.
Haayaa is big on friendship and as a result, everyone on your contact list can find you immediately after they sign up. Anyone can also find you using a link to your profile or by searching for your username.
You can find any product or a registered business from the “search screen". To find a store, you will need to know their name or the variety of products or services they sell.
Haayaa does not handle deliveries at the moment. Sellers are responsible for ensuring your orders get to you on time and in perfect condition.
While other social media platforms help you stay connected with friends & family and develop new relationships, Haayaa does the same things with the bonus of giving your business a place to flourish.


If you come across a fraudulent business on Haayaa, please use the report option on the business page to report it or contact our support team through any of our support channels. Our team will promptly review and deactivate any business that appears to be fraudulent.
Haayaa does not have live support for now. However, you can contact us through our support channels if you have any complaints.

Orders & Payments

Please contact the business if you have not received your delivery. If a mutually agreeable solution cannot be reached, Haayaa Support will step in to assist both parties in reaching an agreement and resolving the dispute.
First, make your complaint to the business and request either a refund or a correction of your order. If neither resolution is achieved, please contact Haayaa Support. We will conduct an investigation, and the business account may be suspended pending the outcome. Don't not mark the order as received.